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The Cairo Museum
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Mississippi Roads visits the Cairo Museum in Vicksburg and tours the reconstructed Ironclad “city-class” gunboat. The Cairo navigated the muddy waters of the Yazoo River for just a brief period of time before two torpedoes ripped a hole in its hull, sinking the ship for nearly a century until some brave divers brought it up.

And while we're on the subject of the Civil War, we commemorate of the 150th anniversary of the war that divided the nation by taking a look at the war's impact on quite a few locations around the area.

While firearms have progressed tremendously in technology throughout the ages, a man outside of Natchez finds pleasure and notoriety making an older type of weapon - more specifically, muskets and rifles. From a block of wood to a beautiful finished product, we watch the process that transforms a piece of wood into a musket.

Country Girl's Creamery, a farm near Lumberton, brings fresh dairy products to nearby markets, and Mississippi proves to be a perfect training ground for a special kind of horse race - and we have front row seats!