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The Old Capitol
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The Old Capitol Museum is one of the most historic buildings in Mississippi. The National Historic Landmark has been restored to its former state and reopened as a free museum for all to come and learn about the history of the building and of the state. Exhibits include artifacts from the Capitol and interactive multimedia exhibits exploring the roles of government in Mississippi.

Cocoon is an international community art project created by Kate Browne. The Cocoon is built over two weeks, during which participants work and engage with one another in talks, conversations, and ceremonial events. Each Cocoon is a unique reflection and manifestation of the individual people involved in the project and their communities. Browne purposefully selects cities with a colorful history, like Jackson, believing that communities with vibrant histories will create a more complex Cocoon.

Project Rezway is a fashion show and gala with a twist - the designers must construct their apparel out of 75% (or more) recyclable items. Held at the Mississippi Craft Center, this project of Keep the Rez Beautiful aims to educate people about litter prevention, recycling, and beautification.


The Shine Day of Service was an effort by a group of pastors in the Jackson metro area getting together and deciding to do something to give back to their communities. The projects vary from beautification efforts, to planting gardens, to even running food drives. For their efforts, they have received recognition from the Governor's Office.

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