A group that promotes positive trends in the Capitol City is bringing in outside help
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Josh McManus sharing his ideas on Jackson's developmental growth
Maura Moed

Consultant Josh McManus calls himself a city revivalist. He says the city of Jackson has potential to thrive just like other cities he has worked in, such as Detroit.

"Jackson has a beautiful infrastructure that seems to be underutilized. There's not feet on the streets, there's not people on bicycles, there's not people out and about enjoying all of the state and federal buildings that exist. I think getting people to use the city differently is really important," says McManus. 

Leaders like Ben Allen point to success stories, such as Fondren - Jackson's local Arts District.  

"How much economic development and resurgence was in Fondren 15 years ago? The answer is none. It'll help the entire state when the Capitol City is something to be proud of. if people can't understand that, then I can't help them," Allen says.  

Allen says he hopes McManus' advice will help them discover other compelling qualities the city of Jackson has to offer.