Attorneys Seek to End Violence at Walnut Grove Prison
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Marjorie Brown, oversees the Walnut Grove Prison for the Management Training Company. She testified in federal court that she relies on the warden to run the Leake County facility. Under questioning Brown said she's not involved in creating policies and has no training in managing violent disturbances. Brown stated that she reviewed videos of last years two riots, but was unaware of video showing a guard releasing a gas grenade in the control booth. Jody Owens is with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

"It was astonishing the things that Ms. Brown did not know about very serious riots and very serious incidences. I hope it's clear to the judge that there's a lot of positions that are not concerned with the citizens of Mississippi who are incarcerated." said Owens.

On the stand Marjorie Brown also testified six guards were fired after the July 2014 riot. She says that she doesn't receive reports on all sexual assaults and doesn't request the monthly report the warden sends to the corrections department. One inmate testified that drugs and alcohol are readily available, some supplied by guards. Michael McIntosh is with a group that wants the lawsuit settlement enforced. His son was once at Walnut Grove.

"Some of the things that I'm hearing like I said I've heard before. I heard it from different family members. We hear from family members sharing the letters from inmates that are actually locked up and it seems to be the same old, same old." said McIntosh.

Attorneys for the corrections department filed a motion to end the lawsuit agreement March 13th. If the judge doesn't rule on it in 30 days, the department doesn't have to abide by settlement. Corrections department attorneys would not comment.