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Authorities Investigate Shooting Outside Madison Courthouse
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Authorities are investigating the shooting death of a man outside the Madison County Courthouse in Canton.

37-year-old Kendrick Brown was walking into court with his lawyer yesterday morning when he was fatally shot in the chest by 24-year-old William B Wells.

The former Canton firefighter had no criminal history, and immediately after the shooting laid down his gun and surrendered to police.

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker says there are any number of possible motives for the killing including revenge or gang violence.

"I can't speculate on why, we'll just have to wait and interview the suspect and get his statement and see what was on his mind," says Tucker.

Brown was a habitual offender who had been on his way to turn down a plea deal on drug charges. Some have speculated that the shooting could have been related to the charges. Others say Wells could have been retaliating on behalf of his mother who had been shot over the weekend.

Michael Guest is the District Attorney for both Madison and Rankin Counties. He doesn't believe there was any way to prevent the shooting.

"Sheriff Tucker and his people do a great job of providing a very secure place," Guest says. "I believe that regardless of the number of officers here that this case could not have been prevented based on what I know about it."

Wells was taken to the Madison County Jail where he will stay until his bond hearing today at 10 am.