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Candidates in U.S. Senate Run-Off Talk Issues and Difference

Candidates in U.S. Senate Run-Off Talk Issues and Differences
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Dems. David Baria and Howard Sherman on Campaign Trail
Associated Press

Mississippi's Democratic candidates in the run-off election for U.S. senate may agree on some controversial issues, but what they would bring to the job is very different. MPB's Desare Frazier reports.

Democrat and Venture Capitalist Howard Sherman won 31.9 percent of the vote in the June 5 primary in a field of six candidates. Democratic State Representative David Baria of Bay St. Louis, received 31.2 percent. They needed more than 50 percent. The candidates are sharing their views on some critical issues facing the country ahead of Tuesday's run-off. On immigration, Sherman is glad President Trump has stopped separating families.

"It's just not who America is. Regardless of the fact we need to have strong borders and enforce immigrations laws as they exist until we change them, we are the moral compass of the world," said Sherman.

Baria agrees saying children shouldn't be a bargaining chip in negotiating immigration policies. Talking about tariffs imposed on China, the candidates both think Mississippi farmers will be negatively affected by President Trump's decision. What does distinguish the two? Sherman is a Los Angels native married to actress Sela Ward who is from Mississippi. He says he has a 100 day plan that includes improving education, healthcare and generating jobs. Baria,a Mississippi native, contends Sherman's lack of legislative experience means he not prepared for the position but he is.

"That skill set includes organizing, it includes being patient with issues, sometimes it takes 3 or 4 years to shepherd an issue through the process. You have to work across the aisle, you have to build friendships, you have to build trust," said Baria.

Sherman says he's passionate about the state, creating a home for abused children in Meridian. He says he will vote on bills based on the best interest of Mississippi. Baria says he'll advocate for fully funding education and improving the nation's infrastructure.