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Communities Pool Resources to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims
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Truck Driver Matt Pittman Leaving Jackson Bound for Houston
Desare Frazier

Mississippians are pooling their resources to send badly needed supplies to those devastated by Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Pastor Troy Costanza with Highland Chapel Church in Madison, is watching as a forklift operator loads pallets of bottled water onto a tractor trailer.

One dozen churches in the Jackson-Metro area are pooling their resource,s obtaining three donated tractor trailers, to fill with Hurricane Harvey relief supplies. 

"Our strategy is to network with churches in the area that are high and dry and still have facilities to receive the goods that we are going to send down there. So we've located several churches that have gymnasiums or large areas to receive the water, receive the other supplies," said Costanza. 

The first semi left Thursday afternoon. They're partnering with the Red Cross of Mississippi to send 44-thousand pounds of bottled water and a pallet of bleach. Each church is responsible for collecting items such as tarps, blankets, gloves, personal hygiene items, diapers and baby wipes. Despite closing on a new home Thursday, Truck Driver Matt Pittman jumped at the chance to drive the supplies to Houston.

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"I think we all need to help each other out no matter what. Not even in time of disaster. It oughta be like this everyday," said Pittman.

In the City of Pearl, Lt. Brian McGairty with the police department says the owner/operator of a tractor trailer has offered to drive supplies to a company in Houston, warehousing relief supplies. Donations are pouring in and they'll have the trailer at tonight's Northwest Rankin-Pearl High School football game.

"It always bring out a huge crowd,both of students, parents, alumni, fans," said McGairty.

Pearl Police Department has a Facebook page with more information about the project. Just two of the many efforts Mississippians are involved in to help victims of Hurricane Harvey.