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Deer hunters in Mississippi are loading up for gun season
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Will you bag a big buck?
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Tomorrow kicks off the most anticipated season of the year for Mississippi sportsmen. Gun season for deer will begin. It's been a time of bonding and comradery for generations.

Bennie Richard is a veteran hunter. He says his excitement for this particular season has yet to change.

"It's the hype of getting ready for the opening day. everybody's going to be there. There's going to be competitions, and bragging rights. I expect to get a big buck!" says Richard. 

Blake Ward is President of South Delta Hunting Club. He says deer season - along with the holiday season - brings families closer together. 

"I think as a Mississippian it's just in our fabric to be able to go and enjoy the outdoors and also pass that enjoyment down to our children, especially in the age of computers and video games. You really get that best bonding experience out in the woods," Ward says. 

Chad Dacus is with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. He says with all the excitement of gun season finally arriving, hunters must remember there are rules and regulations they must follow.

"They do have to wear 500 square inches of hunter orange this year, and that's always. Unless you're going to be hunting 12 feet above the ground or in an enclosed covered stand, you can take that orange vest off. If you're going to be hunting one of our wildlife management areas, you do need to check those regulations because they are a little bit different than what it is on private lands," Dacus says. 

Dacus says this season is not limited just to gun use. Primitive and Archery weapons can also be used. The season will run through December 1st.