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Education Department reveals new plan to community
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Nathan Oakley explain elements of the plan to the community.
Alexis Ware

Education leaders in Mississippi are outlining the state's new education plan. MPB's Alexis Ware reports on a public meeting last night in Jackson to inform parents, teachers and community members. 

The Mississippi Department of Education shared key elements of Mississippi Succeeds, the new education policy at a public meeting.The plan will help the state meet federal standards outlined in the replacement to No Child Left Behind. 

Nathan Oakley is with the Department of Education.

"So our key points are really focused on educator effectiveness, quality teachers in the classroom essentially, focus on high standards or rigorous standards for students, as they approach college and career readiness as they get ready for what comes after high school."

Last year, the Department held statewide listening tours to gain feedback in developing the achievement plan. Oakley says they were able to include some items that were important to the community. 

The Department is hoping to get 70 percent of students performing at proficiency on state tests. The goal is also to have 70 percent of English Language Learners make progress towards English proficiency. 

Nanette Sanderson is an English Language Learner teacher at Pecan Park Elementary in Jackson. She says she would like to see the plan allow student proficiency to be measured by growth not just by tests. 

"Until they are proficient in their English Language Proficiency test, how are they supposed to be proficient when they get assessed by a state test that all other students? There needs to be a gap closure and blending of that over time. We need to go by growth are they making growth."

The next public meeting is in Oxford on June 28th. The policy is open for public comment until July 16th.