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GOP: Job Creation/ Campaign Finance Top of Mind
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The 2017 legislative session is a week away, and according to Republican leaders job creation and campaign finance are top of mind.

GOP leaders are likely going to expand on last year’s victory on tax cuts to again push for streamlining the state’s tax code.

Over the summer, members of the legislative working groups met with officials from the non-partisan Tax Foundation to review the state’s tax structure.

“My number one priority is job creation bringing higher and better-paying jobs to Mississippi,” says Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves. “It is my goal that we focus on legislation that helps us accomplish that goal. Ensuring that we have a fiscally responsible government, ensuring that we have a tax code that is fair, one that is flat that encourages economic development not discourages it.”

But that’s not the only thing GOP lawmakers are likely to revisit this session; some are working to renew efforts to reform campaign finance laws.

Among the proposed changes is a requirement that lawmakers itemize credit card payments on finance reports.

For Speaker of the House Philip Gunn says it's time lawmaker took another swing at reform.

“We want to look at ways -- as legislators use their campaign finance funds – to make sure that they use them for purposes that pertain to their service as a legislator,” says Gunn.

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, one of the driving players behind the reform effort, says he will also push lawmakers to require electronic filing of campaign finance records.