GOP Senator Rand Paul Visits Mississippi
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Kentucky republican Senator Rand Paul is calling for changes to the nation's Drug policy, police militarization and Republican party Unity in Mississippi.The senator also addressed several other national issues during a stop in the state.

Paul, who is widely expected to be a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, spoke in Jackson Monday ahead of a fundraising lunch for the state party.

The first term Senator says he thinks Mississippi Republicans have reunited following a nasty Senate Primary that saw the re-election of Senator Thad Cochran over a Tea Party Challenger.

'The party nationally has these battles everywhere./ We had a bunch of spirited primaries. And for the most part we come together because we understand the difference between the Republican and Democrat in the race is much greater than the difference between the Republicans," Paul said.

Paul also answered questions about several national issues including the recent high profile police killings of unarmed black men.

He says the deaths show over-policing and militarization of police are negatively affecting the country.

"FEMA gave out 12-thousand bayonets last year. That's just stupid. We are giving out mine-resistant ambush protection vehicles. 20-ton vehicles. Dundee, Michigan a town of 3-thousand has a 20-ton ambush protection vehicle. That's ridiculous," Paul said.

Paul says the war on Drugs has gone 'a little overboard' and should be treated as a public health issue.

Senator Paul also commented on a Senate investigation into reported torture during the Bush Administration saying the report, which is expected today, should be as public as possible without endangering American lives.