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Governor-elect makes his first appointment, comments on othe

Governor-elect makes his first appointment, comments on other priorities
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Governor-Elect announces pick for Adjutant General of Miss.
MPB News

Mississippi Governor-Elect Tate Reeves is announcing his choice for the state's military chief administrative officer. MPB's Ashley Norwood reports on Reeves' first appointment and some of his other priorities.

Governor-elect Tate Reeves is making his first appointment of agencies that report directly to the office of the governor. At a press conference in Jackson, he tapped Major General Janson D. Boyles to continue serving as Adjutant General of Mississippi where he is the commanding general of both the Mississippi Army and Air National Guard.

Boyles was first appointed in 2016 under the Bryant administration. The Adjutant General is a leadership position that provides the state of Mississippi and the United States of America with a ready force equipped and trained to respond to any disaster or emergency.

Governor-elect Tate Reeves...

"Looking at General Boyles' impressive history serving our state and our country, I could think of no one better to lead our state's military and oversee the response to any disaster or emergency that threatens our safety or our freedoms," says Reeves.

Reeves says he expects to make other appointments soon. He also discusses some of his top priorities as he transitions into his new role as Governor.

"I believe my number one priority is job creation bringing better and higher paying jobs to Mississippi but the fact of the matter is for us to recruit and retain industry in our state we have to have a workforce that's prepared for the jobs of the next 50 years. It's the reason that I proposed continuing to increase teacher pay. It's the reason I proposed a hundred million dollar investment in workforce development workforce training centers throughout Mississippi," says Reeves.

The 2020 legislative session begins January 7. Governor - Elect Tate Reeves is sworn in a week later. Ashley Norwood, MPB News.