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Holiday Travel Continues To Increase
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More Mississippians are expected to travel this holiday weekend. The number of travelers is back above pre-recession levels.

The travel firm triple-A is expecting a 4-percent increase in holiday travelers this year.

Michael Right with triple-A says a number of positive factors are combining to increase the number of travelers.

"I think we are seeing an improved consumer confidence level. The economy has picked up for most of the folks out there. I think that there is a little extra money in the disposable accounts of the family budget," Right said.

Nationally, more than 46-million people are expected to drive, fly or take a train this week.

90-percent of all travelers will drive.

At a gas station outside Jackson, Scott McCarthy fills his tank for a trip to the coast.

McCarthy says gas prices, which are at their lowest point in more than five years, plays a big role in his decision.

"As long as it is cheap I will go anywhere. If it goes back up, I am going to stay at home again," McCarthy said.

The Jackson Evers International Airport is expecting around five-thousand flyers every day over the holiday.