‘If You’re Buying, We’re Selling’ Stickers Appearing in Mississippi Business Windows
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Small blue stickers reading 'if you're buying, we're selling' are beginning to pop up in the windows of businesses all over Mississippi.
The stickers are in response to the Religious Freedom Restoration Act which was passed by the state legislature this year that some say could lead to the legal discrimination of gay people.
They are the brainchild of Jackson Baker Mitchell Moore.
Standing in front of a display of garishly colorful cupcakes, Moore says the stickers are a signal that his store is open for business.
"It is saying to my customers and to anyone who comes in 'I am not going to discriminate in my business based upon whatever you do or don't do in your life'. I don't care. If you want to spend your money in Campbell's Bakery, you are more than welcome to," Moore said.
Moore says they have already distributed 500 stickers around the state and ordered 1000 more.
After ordering something sweet, customer Kayla Fisher says seeing the sticker pleased her.
"Because I don't discriminate against anyone's race, sexuality, or any of that. So I am glad to spend my money with a business that also does not discriminate," Fisher said.
The Religious Freedom Restoration Act was the center of an intense debate over the fears that it could allow businesses to deny services to gay people based on religious grounds.
After the bill was passed, Jimmy Porter with the Christian Action Commission dismissed those concerns saying the version that became law only covers government action, and does not effect businesses.
"We feel like it is a real good bill. That will provide religious freedom for all religions. Not just Baptist, Methodist, or presbeterians but all religions. And we are happy about that," Porter said.
The law was signed by Governor Phil Bryant in a private ceremony with legislative supports and influential Christian leaders, including Porter, earlier this month.
It takes effect in July.
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