Immigrant Rights Advocates Organizing in Response to President-elect Trump's Campaign Plans
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La Noticia de Misisipi headline about Trump's election win
Desare Frazier

Mississippi Immigrant Rights advocates are organizing to plan their response to President-elect Donald Trump's promise to make Immigration his top priority.

Mahmoud Nabulsi, is a U.S. citizen from Jordan. The Mississippi certified public accountant says he voted for Hillary Clinton, despite his lack of excitement for the presidential candidates. President-elect Donald Trump's campaign promises to stop Muslim's from coming into the country and begin mass deportation of undocumented immigrants concerns him. But Nabulsi's hopeful, Trump won't take a hard line approach after listening to his acceptance speech, which called for unity.

"But I don't think that will be the case now. We have to wait and see," said Nabulsi.

Trump also wants to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. to keep criminals and terrorists out of America. Bill Chandler with Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance says they expect the worst. They're organizing nationally to combat Trump's plans. 

"And we've go to dig in and we've got to get people involved and people have to have the courage to stand up against these kinds of policies," said Chandler.

Mississippi Congressman Republican Gregg Harper says fairness is important, but so is national security. He says in the case of Syrians Refugees, there is no effective system in place to vet them.

"It's not like here in America you want to know something about someone you go back and check their elementary school, middle school, high school records and other things. Those records don't exist in Syria. You're going on the word of that person," said Harper.

Trump says he will end President Obama's executive order that shields children from being deported whose parents brought to them U.S. illegally.  Bill Chandler says there are about 1,000 youth in the program in Mississippi.