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Jackson Airport Authority prepares to sue the State
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JMAA Board members host community meeting on SB 2162
Maura Moed

The Jackson Municipal AIRPORT Authority is planning to sue the state of Mississippi if a bill that would replace the current airport board is passed. MPB's Maura Moed reports. 

The airport board hosted a community engagement meeting yesterday at the Jackson Medical Mall, informing residents of Senate Bill 2162. It would remove the current 5 member board picked by the Jackson mayor and create a 9 member board. Of the 9 members, only two are appointed by the Jackson mayor and city council. 
Rosie Prigden is the Board's current chairman. She says she doesn't understand because the airport is doing fine.
"The airport is not in any harm as it relates to revenue, and as it relates to leadership. What's the benefit? If it's already working, what's the benefit of taking it?" Prigden says. 
The Senate bill creates a regional authority with members from Jackson, Madison and Rankin County to oversee the airport. Although supporters say the change could be beneficial, the airport saw a $4.2 million increase in revenue last year under the current board. 
Regina May is the board attorney for the airport authority. She says there's no rational basis for the state to take control.
"We're going to be seeking to proceed with a court that we believe will give us a fair and just hearing on this, and we're going to fight it all the way up to the supreme court of this country if need be," says May. 
May says no matter how messy litigation gets, the court has the final say. 

Senate Bill 2162 is back in the Senate. It can either be voted on as amended by the House, or go to conference.