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Jackson Mayor voices frustration over "crumbling city"
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Mayor Yarber voices frustations with city's infrastructure on Facebook
Maura Moed

The mayor of Jackson is speaking out about his city's crumbling infrastructure. He says disagreement among city leaders is causing additional frustration. MPB's Maura Moed reports.

Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber posted a lengthy statement online Friday, showcasing his own frustrations with what he calls a "crumbling city". 

The mayor says - "In the city that we all love, it seems that everything that could go wrong is going wrong, fast. I'm asking how much more can one city endure?"

According to Jackson's city council President Melvin Priester, the council is also fed up. 
"I think the question is whether or not we're getting good results. When we look at what's happened over the last several months, we're not getting the results that the people of Jackson deserve," says Priester. 

The mayor's post also discussed violent crime, business flight, and a 1% sales tax that is supposed to be funding infrastructure repairs.  

Last week, the city council did not approve a contract presented by the mayor. It would have hired a company to perform a corrosion control study, the mayor says is required by the State Department of Health.

Larry Nixon is a Jackson resident. 

"Lead gets into your drinking water by the corrosion and then leaks into your system. At least you will know what step to take next, whether you don't have to do anything at all, or you may need to add a filtration system to your home," says Nixon.

The mayor's post went on to say - "Yes, it does seem like all hell is breaking loose. But, this hell is giving us the chance to fix it RIGHT, once and for all. Unfortunately, it just isn't happening fast enough."