Lawmakers Wrap-up Budget Working Groups
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Legislative leaders say they will use the information gathered during recent budget examinations to make state spending more efficient.

Members of the legislative working groups tasked with reviewing the state budget wrapped up their final meeting at the Capitol yesterday.

Over the past few months, lawmakers examined the spending habits of some of the state’s largest agencies, including the departments of Transportation, Health and Education. Republican Speaker of the House Philip Gunn says lawmakers will now use the information to cut excessive spending across state government.  

Through the process, lawmakers looked at several aspects of how agencies spend tax dollars. Everything from travel expenses to employee pay to procurement was under the microscope.

But some Democratic leaders have been critical of the examination process. Representative David Baria of Bay Saint Louis was not a member of the working groups, but as the House Minority Leader he says legislative leaders have been unwilling to listen to opinions from across the aisle.

Republican leaders say both Democrats and Republican were appointed to the working groups.