MDOT's Traffic Management Center reroutes holiday travel
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Check your route! There may be a way to avoid delays or traffic.
Maura Moed

Transportation officials say MDOT's TMC is the nerve center of Mississippi's highway management system. 

Central District Commissioner Dick Hall says the technology allows safer and more efficient commutes. 

"Since we don't have the money to build all the lanes of traffic we need to and would like to, this is the best way to handle the traffic that we have to have on our existing roadways," Hall says. 

MDOT says travelers can go online to MDOT, and the MDOT Traffic App for access to traffic alerts.

Daniel Wilson is a traffic management operator. He says users can register and create a commute on the website - giving them options to select the counties where they would like to receive alerts.

"They also have the polygon tool which allows you to draw a map to circle around where you want to receive the alerts from. You can set the days you want to receive the alerts, and the time. You can also select what alerts you want to receive as far as incidents with accidents, weather, or construction alerts," says Wilson.  

John Gilligan is with MDOT.  He says more than 13 thousand of the center's alerts regarding real-time traffic, accidents, and weather have been vital to motorists.

"Knowing that information in and of itself, enhances safety. If you know there's something in your intended path, that's better than not knowing," Gilligan says. 

Travelers can also use the free service of dialing 5-1-1 for on demand, route specific information along U.S interstates and state highways. According to MDOT, they receive 200 to 300 calls per day.