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Congressional Delegates voice opinions on impeachment inquir

Congressional Delegates voice opinions on impeachment inquiry
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Former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch with her Attorney at Hearing
Associated Press

Members of Mississippi's Congressional Delegation are voicing their opinions about the public hearings of the House Impeachment Inquiry. MPB's Desare Frazier reports.

Mississippi's 4th District Congressman Republican Steven Palazzo is calling the House Impeach Inquiry political theatre. President Donald Trump's efforts to allegedly withhold military aid to Ukraine to force them into investigating a Democratic rival is the focus of the House Impeachment Inquiry. Palzzo thinks it's a waste of money.

"Call out the Democrats and say look we didn't send you up here to waste tens of thousands of hours and tens of millions of dollars having a personality conflict with the President of the United States, just do your job," said Palazzo.

Congressman Bennie Thompson who represents the third district says those testifying are doing their job. Friday, Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch testified Trump's personal attorney Rudy Guiliani led a smear campaign against her that resulted in the president removing her from the post. Democrats contend she's tough on corruption. Thompson says ambassadors must follow the rule of law.

"You know they basically have taken an oath to support the Constitution of the United State of America
and so if there's something in violation of that oath, they have an obligation to report it," said Thompson.

Palazzo contends people who were actually on the phone should testify. However he says President Trump does have certain rights to privacy so that's up to him and the chair of the intelligence committee. Thompson wants the process to take its course, see where the testimony leads and respond accordingly. The House Impeach Inquiry continues tomorrow.