Mike Espy files to run for U S Senate

Mike Espy files to run for U S Senate
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Espy signs papers to run for U S Senate
Kobee Vance, MPB News

Former Mississippi Democratic Congressman Mike Espy filed papers to run for U S Senate. MPB's Kobee Vance reports on his plans to replace the incumbent senator.

Mike Espy believes his second run for US Senate will be victorious.
In 2018, Espy faced off against Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith to fill the seat of retired Senator Thad Cochran. Espy lost by almost 8 percent, but he says he will close that gap in this upcoming election. He says if elected, he will be a leader that will bring positive change to Mississippi.

"We're gonna need an independent senator. Someone who has the experience to work across the aisles, irrespective of race, irrespective of party. Someone who has just, has the vested interest in doing what's good for only the citizens of Mississippi."

Senator Hyde-Smith filed to run for re-election last week, where she talked about her achievements in office so far.

"We were able to include a lot of provisions and significant funding in the farm bill to help Mississippi, to help rural hospitals. The things that we care about here in Mississippi, we were able to accomplish that."

Hyde-Smith emphasized her loyalty to President Trump and her views on his impeachment.

"I'm an American too, and I'm there to represent Mississippi, and the bottom line, the thing we need the most, is fairness. And he has not gotten that. As far as going through the process he went through on the House side, he will get it on the Senate side."

Espy says he wants to see senators renew their oath to "render impartial justice" in the senate impeachment hearings.

"That means that there can't be any pre-judgments. And that's where we know that Cindy Hyde-Smith may have already violated that oath. Because she said already that when the papers come over it will be a quick trial, and she's gonna protect the President."

In order for him to win, Espy says there will need to be a large voter turnout. He says the additional time his campaign will have - to reach out to voters - will be put to good use.