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Miss. Congressmen Refuse to Support Military Action in Syria
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Nearly every member of Mississippi's Congressional delegation says that they will not support military action against in Syria.

Mississippi's Fourth District Congressman Steven Palazzo remains unconvinced the U.S. should use military force in Syria.  He said the President failed to win over the support of most Mississippians.

"He didn't answer any of the concerns that people in Mississippi have. There is no national will. Over 98% of the people that have contacted our office have said we shouldn't intervene in Syria. There seems to be no win in sight or no end in sight, either. No strategy, no vision and no trust. That's just a few of the concerns that they have." said Palazzo.

Moreover, Palazzo said the President can't promise that it won't be or a prolonged military intervention without boots on the ground.

"I don't think he can guarantee something like that. If you throw firecrackers or fireworks at the feet of Assad; there is no telling what would take place. I think that's a major concern in our constituency. They just don't know if we do something. If it’s not enough. It it's too much. What will be the retaliation, and where would it take us." said Palazzo.

Palazzo is not the only member of Mississippi's Congressional Delegation to feel that way. Mississippi Second District Congressmen Bennie Thompson said that nearly every Mississippians he's heard from have been against military intervention in Syria.

"Well, I was a no on any effort to do any bombing or any other military action. Before the speech, it was just about unanimous in opposition to any kind of military intervention in Syria." Thompson said.

Thompson believes the U.S. should have been pursuing a more diplomatic response. Now that Russia has stepped into the situation, Thompson believes the matter may be resolved peacefully.

"I'm optimistic that with the Russian proposal on the table, we might have an opportunity to salvage this military resolution -- by postponing it indefinitely and getting this matter resolved." said Thompson.

Congressmen Alan Nunnelee and Gregg Harper, along with Senator Roger Wicker, announced that they will not support military action in Syria. Only Senator Thad Cochran remains undecided.