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Mississippi Again Ranking Last In Public Health And Outcomes
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Mississippi is once again ranking dead last in a comprehensive look at the health of the state. High rates of obesity, diabetes and smoking are contributing to the low ranking.

The report called, America's Health Rankings, compares all states for public health and outcomes.

Mississippi only scored well in seven out of 27 measures and ranked in the bottom five in 16.

Cathrine Palmier with United Health Care, which compiles the report, says many of Mississippi's poor outcomes are intertwined such as high rates of obesity, diabetes and low rates of exercise.

"Diabetes is certainly increased with a number of behaviors and one is a high prevalence of not being physically active or a lack of exercise," Palmier said.

The few positive outcomes including low rates of binge drinking, high childhood immunization, and low health disparities based on level of education.

Palmier says despite Mississippi long being at the bottom of the barrel, other states have used the rankings to improve their outcomes.

"For instance, when this report was first run 25 years ago New York state ranked 40th. Now the are 14," Palmier said.
However, because Mississippi ranks poorly in so many statistics the report notes that it is unlikely to greatly improve in the near future.