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Mississippi Animal Cruelty Laws Examined After Injured Dog

Mississippi Animal Cruelty Laws Examined After Injured Dog
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Sugar is expected to recover from her injuries
Alexandra Watts

An abandoned dog with gruesome life threatening injuries is recovering, but MPB’s Alexandra Watts reports the case raises questions over animal abuse justice in Mississippi.

A Yorkshire terrier named Sugar is doing much better after being abandoned with life threatening injuries.

Ann Fratesi, of Animal Rescue and Relief Fellowship said the situation looked bleak.

“She was found south of Greenville,” Fratesi said. “A Good Samaritan found her. She had a rubber band wrapped twice around her muzzle. She couldn’t open her mouth. She looked like a different dog because her muzzle was so huge, and the rubber band literally cut her to the bone all around her muzzle.”

Sugar was taken to Greenville Animal Clinic, where she received treatment. In another month and a half, she will be released and adopted according to her vet.

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There are cash rewards offered, but no suspects in Sugar’s case. In Mississippi, animal abuse is considered a felony on the second conviction.

According to Doll Stanley, with In Defense of Animals, the state needs laws that are both stronger and enforced more.

“They need to start giving the stiff sentencing,” Stanley said. “Part of their concern is the crowded jail, but for a violent crime, incarceration should be involved and counseling of some kind, [so] that we find out what’s going on in these people’s minds and if we can help them.”

Stanley said witnesses are key in reporting animal abuse cases. If you have information on Sugar or any other animal abuse incidents, you can contact In Defense of Animals anonymously and report to local law enforcement.


Alexandra Watts is a corps member with Report for America, an initiative of The GroundTruth Project.