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Mississippi Congressman Weighs In On Impeachment Hearings


Mississippi Congressman Weighs In On Impeachment Hearings

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Public impeachment hearing of President Donald Trump
AP Photo/ Alex Brandon, Pool

Members of Mississippi's congressional delegation are voicing their opinions on this week's public hearings of the House impeachment inquiry. MPB's Kobee Vance reports.

Mississippi's third district Congressman Michael Guest calls the House impeachment hearings partisan proceedings. President Trump is accused of asking the Ukrainian president for help investigating the son of former Vice President Joe Biden under threat of withholding military aide. Congressman Guest, who was elected in 2018 served 25 years as assistant district attorney and district attorney for Madison and Rankin counties. He says legally there only needs to be intent for quid-pro-quo to occur.

"As a prosecutor, you know, just because a person is unsuccessful in completing the action does not absolve them of any criminal liability."

He believes that the criteria for impeachment has not been found.

"I've not yet seen evidence that would indicate to me that the president has committed a felony or high misdemeanor. Has committed anything that would make him removable from office."

Congressman Guest says he is cautious when it comes to impeaching the president.

"As a member of congress, the two most difficult votes that we would ever take would be one to declare war. And the other vote would be to impeach a sitting president and to overturn the will of the American people. The evidence would have to be overwhelming for me to support taking such a drastic measure."

Mississippi's only Democratic representative, second district Congressman Bennie Thompson, tweeted Wednesday "Those who are against the impeachment inquiry are willing to turn a blind eye to bribery, extortion, and constitutional violations by the President."