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Mississippi Public Service Commissioners Sworn In

Mississippi Public Service Commissioners Sworn In
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From left: Bailey, Maxwell, and Presley
Kobee Vance

The Mississippi Public Service Commission has sworn in it's newly elected commissioners at a ceremony in Jackson. MPB's Kobee Vance reports on how the leaders want to serve Mississippi.

"I Brent Bailey... I Dane Maxwell... I Brandon Presley do solemnly swear that I will faithfully support the Constitution of the United States...

The three Commissioners were sworn in downtown Jackson to begin their 4-year term in office.
Brent Bailey and Dane Maxwell--are entering their first term, joining returning Commissioner- Brandon Presley. Presley has served as the northern district Commissioner since 2008 and says his priority is to bring Internet access to homes and businesses in rural Mississippi. He says this will allow for better educational opportunities, more healthcare access, and economic development.

"Internet service is the electricity of the 21st Century, and we've got to work with an all hands on deck approach to connect every home, connect every family, connect every business so that we can win the economy of the 21st Century

Another issue the Commissioners want to address are robocalls.
Brent Bailey is the new Commissioner for Central Mississippi.
He says cracking down on robocalls will protect at-risk Mississippians from scams.

"When you think about businesses, the number of calls they receive throughout a day. That's valuable lost time to be doing what you need to do to make money. We're gonna address these scam calls, or robocalls, or telemarketers that only have one thing in mind and that's to guilt you for money."

Bailey also says he wants to focus on maintaining aging electrical grids and find new solutions, such as solar power, to ensure Mississippians will continue to have reliable access to electricity.