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Mississippi Tea Party Members Throw Support For Christopher McDaniel
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Members of the Mississippi Tea Party are pushing for a more conservative political agenda both in the state and nationally. Among the group's top priorities is electing State Senator Christopher McDaniel to the U-S Senate. MPB's Paul Boger reports.

Standing on the lawn of the Capitol yesterday, nearly 75 Mississippians waved signs and posters criticizing the current state of the U-S Government. One of the ralliers, Randy May of Terry, says current politicians like long-time U-S Senator Thad Cochran have turned their back on the constitution.

"He's a typical politician." said May. "He's voted for a lot of things that are not according to the constitution, that are not according to American patriot's best interest. I just cam out to try to correct things. To try to get all of these -- everybody. I can't think of one we've got in this state that's a quality representative up there."

That's why May, along with other members of the Mississippi Tea Party are rejecting established Republican leaders, and are instead supporting more conservative candidates like State Senator Christopher McDaniel who says Cochran has been too liberal.

"Over the last 13 years, he voted to raise the debt ceiling 11 times for over $8 trillion." said McDaniel. "He's voted for higher income taxes, higher gas taxes, higher Internet taxes. Name one time he's raised his voice in defense of our constitution against Barack Obama?"

Russell Jordan with Cochran's reelection campaign says the Senator's record proves he's a true conservative.

Senator Cochran has a 100 percent rating for Nation Right to Life." said Jordan. "He's been endorsed by NRA. He's voted against Obamacare over 100 times. Senator Cochran has an excellent record of conservative leadership for Mississippi. A suggestion to the contrary is just not true."

The primary is June 3rd.