Mississippi town opens new schools after desegregation deal
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(file) Cleveland School Board meeting
Mark Rigsby

   CLEVELAND, Miss. (AP) - Many students in one Mississippi town are starting in different schools following a desegregation settlement.

   The 3,500-student Cleveland district began class Monday with one high school and one middle school for the first time.

   The district settled earlier this year with the federal government in its continuing desegregation case. A judge found its two high schools and middle schools to be an illegal vestige of segregation.

   The Mississippi Delta district named its new high school Cleveland Central, adopting new colors and the wolves as a mascot.

   The high school is at the historically white Cleveland High and Margaret Green Junior High, although those schools were racially mixed when they closed. Seventh and eighth graders are attending the former East Side High, where every student but one was black last year.