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MS Farmers Expected to Plant More Cotton, Soybeans This Year
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Cotton grown in Mississippi
Mississippi Farm Bureau

Mississippi farmers are expected this year to move back to traditional crops, like cotton and soybeans, to fuel the state's $6 billion agriculture industry. As MPB's Mark Rigsby reports, rising demand and higher prices in the market are causing the shift away from corn and rice.

Mississippi State Extension Service says a stronger market for cotton and soybeans should result in hundreds of thousands of more acres planted in 2017. 

Currently, prices for cotton and soybeans are up over this time last year. More harvested acres means more money for Mississippi farmers. 

The USDA expects state farmers to plant nearly 30% less corn, and 40% less rice than last year. Growers may look to plant peanuts and sweet potatoes this year, as they look for more profitable alternate crops.