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MS Treasurer Lynn Fitch Fends-Off Challenger to Retain Seat

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Lynn Fitch visiting school
MS Treasurer's Office

Supporters for the incumbent Mississippi State Treasurer Lynn Fitch waited patiently at Republican party headquarters last night until the race was called around 9:30.

"First of all I would like to say thank you to God Almighty for he has guided and directed me through this campaign," said Fitch.

A campaign that Fitch described as challenging. Her Republican opponent David McRae, an attorney, accused her of wasting tax payer dollars on lavish furnishings for the office and not publishing an unclaimed property list as required by law. Fitch says going negative isn't effective.

"I don't think that truly resonates with voters. Again they want to look at the positives. What are you doing? How are you moving the state forward and I can certainly talk about that," said Fitch.

Fitch says she will remain positive and points to saving taxpayers 69 million dollars by restructuring debt and returned 40 million in unclaimed monies to individuals and businesses in the state. Meanwhile, McRae was at a nearby hotel, where he gave his concession speech. He told his supporters that he believes Fitch will do a better job as treasurer now.

"Well I think I brought up some good issues, some good questions that she'll have to think about and the party will bring forth to her. She will make some adjustments, some changes for her next four years and we'll be better off for it. Like I said in my speech, competition brings forth a good product at the end of the day," said McRae.

McRae says his team will be campaigning for Republican Mike Hurst. who is running for attorney general and other party candidates statewide.