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New study shows many physicians aren't refreshing their bloo

New study shows many physicians aren't refreshing their blood pressure measuring skills
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Doctor checking a patient's blood pressure
Centers for Disease Control

Getting your blood pressure checked happens almost every time you visit the doctor. But, how often are the medical providers in your doctor's office re-training on how to properly measure your blood pressure? MPB's Ashley Norwood reports on results from a new survey.

The American Medical Association and the American Heart Association have found many medical professionals don't get additional training in checking your blood pressure. Nearly half of the physicians surveyed said they haven't had re-training since medical school.

Dr. Dan Jones is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He says getting an accurate blood pressure reading is vital.

"Over-reading blood pressure could lead to the prescribing of medication not needed and the under-reading of a blood pressure could miss the opportunity to prevent a heart attack and a stroke," said Jones.

Jones says UMMC is in the process of re-training every nurse and nurse aid. They are also standardizing blood pressure equipment used in clinics.

Dr. Timothy Quinn has a medical practice in Ridgeland and is part of the American Heart Association's target blood pressure program.

"Guidelines do change and new information is being discovered everyday. So, these updates need to be given to the providers and the providers need to be receptive," said Quinn.

To bridge the training gap, the medical and heart associations are offering online training. More information at Target B-P dot org.
Ashley Norwood, MPB News.