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Partnership Brings Milk to Mississippi Families

Partnership Brings Milk to Mississippi Families
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A grant and partnership between The Mississippi Food Network and The Dairy Alliance is bringing fresh milk to families in the state. MPB’s Alexandra Watts reports.

The Mississippi Food Network and The Dairy Alliance are providing resources so more families can get milk products.

The program not only partners with local farmers, but provides food pantries with resources to store and supply milk.

Mary Martin Nordness is with The Dairy Alliance. She said milk is popular, but can be harder to store.

“Milk is one of the most requested items at a food bank, but yet because of the capacity of coolers and refrigerators, and the fact that milk expires – they didn’t have what it takes to provide fresh milk.”

The grant provides 30 refrigerated units and 25 thermal blankets which are used to transport milk and keep it cold.

Marilyn Blackledge is with The Mississippi Food Network, which provides food for pantries across the state

“Everyone is always wanting fresh milk," she said."It’s a great protein, it has calcium…it has other benefits. We do have it, and we’re trying to get it to our clients. And, just adding this ability for them to have refrigeration is just one step closer to us being able to help these families.”

Mississippi has the highest rate of food insecurity in the country. The grant, which is under the alliance’s Milk2MyPlate program, covers 56 counties in the state.