Proposed Budget Could Spell Cuts for State Agencies
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Mississippi’s legislative leaders are proposing a budget that could force state agency’s to operate on  "the leanest levels possible."
The $6.2 billion general fund recommendation for fiscal year 2018 is about 195 million dollars or roughly 3 percent lower than what lawmakers approved in this year’s budget.
The Joint Legislative Budget Committee, made up of members from both the House and Senate, officially adopted the recommendations during a meeting yesterday.
Republican Speaker of the House Philip Gunn says the recommendation is – quote – very conservative.
Lawmakers are also considering a plan that would remove most agencies from the purview of the state personnel board – essentially ending civil service protection for those government employees.
Republican Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves says agency leaders were open to the idea when discussing their budget during working group meetings earlier this year.
Some agencies that may see cuts include the Departments of Health, Mental Health, Medicaid, Corrections, Universities and community colleges.