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Reaction to President Trump's Impeachment

Reaction to President Trump's Impeachment
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House votes on Article II of the Impeachment papers
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Mississippians overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. But as MPB's Kobee Vance reports residents are divided over Wednesday's historic impeachment.

More than 58 percent of Mississippians voted for Donald Trump for president in 2016. Three years and one impeachment later, the state is now divided over his possible removal from office.

At Winners Circle Park in Flowood, Eddie is walking the trail. He says he doesn't support Trump, but he doesn't support the impeachment process either.

"He's done a lot of things that he shouldn't do, and I think in ways it's embarrassing to the country, but I also think the voters should decide in the election in 2020. I don't think we should let the congress take him out of office. I think we should vote him out of office or to keep him in office."

Also walking the trail is Robert Felks from Madison. He believes Trump did nothing wrong.

"Well I knew it was gonna happen, but I mean once it gets to the senate, if it does get to the senate, there's nothing to it. He didn't do anything to be impeached, I think."

Jan Petersen, who is out doing some last-minute Christmas shopping, calls the impeachment of Trump ridiculous.

"They've been trying to bash him since the day he was in office, since the first day he was in office, and he just keeps going and he's doing awesome for this county."

At a coffee shop in Jackson, Jeff says it's important to hold people accountable, especially those in high office.

"What struck me yesterday was the solemnly that the Democrats took with it. That, you know, it wasn't a 'woohoo' party celebration. This was 'Listen, no this thing happened and we were compelled to react accordingly."

The House vote Wednesday cemented in history President Donald Trump as the third U.S. president to be impeached.