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Residents urged to register to vote
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Sen. Sollie Norwood speaks at voter registration rally
Desare Frazier

Mississippi Democrats are ramping up their efforts to get people to the polls for the November 6th general election. MPB's Desare Frazier reports.

Members of Mississippi's Democratic Party are outside the Hinds County Courthouse to urge people to register to vote. Field Director for the party, Jacqueline Amos, says they're working to register high school and college students.  She's hearing about a consistent problem.

"I received a call from the election commissioner's office," says Amos, "that they are receiving a number of voter registration applications that are not complete. They cannot be processed."

Amos says some people will be turned away from the polls who think they're registered to vote.  She says volunteers registering people and voters themselves have to make sure they fill out applications correctly. Amos says they're also trying to reduce voter apathy.

"You have folks that will say it doesn't matter. Whoever they want to win is going to win anyway," says Amos. "I don't get into it."

Amos says they're talking to people about issues like education, healthcare, Medicare and Medicaid.  Recently volunteers from across the state participated in the Republican National Committee’s National Day of Action.  It's a nationwide effort to get-out-the-vote by phone banking and canvassing for Republican candidates. 

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, says the state's military men and women are serving overseas so residents have the right to vote.

"Think about how many of our young men and women are overseas literally risking their lives for us to cast a ballot," says Hosemann. "How are you going to face them when they get home?"

Mississippians have to register by October 6th to be eligible to vote in the November election.