Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Jackson for Town Hall

Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Jackson for Town Hall
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Elizabeth Warren on CNN live from Jackson State University
Desare Frazier

Healthcare, student debt and gun violence are some of the many questions Mississippians posed to Democratic presidential hopeful Senator Elizabeth Warren at at town hall meeting in Jackson. MPB's Desare Frazier reports.

Campaign workers are greeting Mississippians invited to attend a town hall meeting with Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts at Jackson State University. Warren answered questions live from the audience which was broadcast by CNN last night. First question, why should people vote for her?

"I'm tired of a Washington that works for the rich and the powerful. I want a Washington that works for the rest of America. That's why I'm in this fight," said Warren.

Warren wants a 2 percent tax on families that earn $50 million or more. She says she'd protect the Affordable care Act. Regarding White Nationalist, the former law professor says she would have the U.S. Department of Justice prosecute those committing crimes. Warren also discussed creating a congressional panel to begin a conversation about race and reparations for blacks families.

"It's what's happened generation after generation. The impact of discrimination handed down because of housing discrimination, because of employment discrimination. Where for the average white family, has $100, the average black family has about $5," said Warren.

Warren says immigration policies must tell the difference between terrorists and people seeking refuge. She says she'd move swiftly to address climate change, and provide more funding for infrastructure and education. On gun violence? She says common sense laws are needed. Mississippi is the last state to fly a flag with the confederate emblem. When asked should it be changed Warren gave a one word answer.

"Yes" said Warren.