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Bill Requiring Itemized Campaign Finance Reports Headed to House
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A Mississippi senate bill that requires itemized campaign finance reports is headed to the house. MPB's Desare Frazier reports. 

Senate Bill 2374 would amend the Mississippi campaign finance reporting law. Currently, candidates and political committees have to file reports that include expenditures over $200. But lawmakers admit some reports have lacked details. Democratic Senator Barbara Blackmon, of Canton says she used to itemize reports.

"Then when I saw how each person was just simply indicating a payment to American Express, a payment to Master Card, and that's the way they were doing it. I did it," said Blackmon.

Blackmon supports the measure. Senator David Blount of Jackson, a Democrat, authored the bill. He says it stipulates that expenses over two-hundred dollars have to be itemized including payments to credit cards.

"It's very important that the public know who is funding campaigns. If you pay for a campaign expense of more than $200 it should be disclosed. It should disclosed whether you pay for it by cash, check or credit card," said Blount.

Republican Senator Thomas Guillot, of Biloxi, says it's good legislation and it hasn't been an issue for him.

"The monies that I received from campaign contributions, I give it all away to charity. So I don't spend it on anything," said Guillot.

Senator David Blount says this bill doesn't prevent using campaign funds for personal use. But he has introduced a separate bill that would do that.