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Setting Healthy Goals for the New Year

Setting Healthy Goals for the New Year
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Gym floor at Planet Fitness
Kobee Vance

Starting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. MPB's Kobee Vance reports on how to follow through with a popular New Year’s Resolution.

Doctors say a healthy lifestyle consists of eating properly, exercising, and drinking plenty of water. Trying to change all of this in a short time span can lead to a quick burnout if goals are set too high says Josie Bidwell, Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. She says when planning a resolution to get healthy, take a look at what you want to achieve and set a realistic goal.

"I usually recommend about 5% of total body weight for that initial weight loss goal. Right? So if you weigh, you know, 200 pounds, then 10% of that is 20, and 5% of that would be 10, so that initial weight loss goal would be, 10 pounds."

At a gym in Jackson, treadmills and training equipment are already seeing extra use. Dani Spivey is the Manager at Planet Fitness.

"People who want to slim down, the goal is going to be doing cardio, right? That's what's gonna lose those inches and lose those pounds. As far as toning, that's gonna be when your strength training kinda comes in. So you definitely want to be incorporating both into your workout routine to see maximum results."

Kristin Murphy just finished working out at the gym. She says getting back in the habit is the hardest part.

"Well, today's my first day back in a few months, but I think the hardest part is just starting, so once you start doing it you realize it's not so bad."

Josie Bidwell says a gym membership isn't always necessary. She says you can walk around your neighborhood, use household items as small weights, or use your own bodyweight in pushups and sit-ups.