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Several Hundred Homes and Businesses Damaged After Severe St

Several Hundred Homes and Businesses Damaged After Severe Storms
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Crew Cleans Up Debris After Severe Storms Cause Damage in Vicksburg
Jasmine Ellis

Damage assessments are being done in Mississippi after severe storms and tornadoes swept through the state this past weekend. More than 250 homes, businesses, and public buildings have been damaged statewide. MPB's Jasmine Ellis reports on the damage.

A crew with the City of Vicksburg is cleaning up after severe weather knocked down trees and power lines Saturday. Fifty homes, 17 businesses, and 13 public buildings are damaged after two EF-2 tornados swept through Warren County. George Flaggs, Jr. is mayor of Vicksburg. He says community members helped one another when the storms hit.

"Most times in the City of Vicksburg since 1953, we prepare for high waters," said Flaggs. "We didn't know it was going to come by air, and by rain, and by wind like it did. It's unfortunate when these things happen, but in Vicksburg we know how to come together and we are a very resilient people."

According to the National Weather Service, there were 11 tornadoes in the state over the weekend, ranging from Escatawpa on the Gulf Coast and as far north as Greenwood Springs in Monroe County. The worst damage is around Hamilton in Monroe County, where one man died.

David Battaly is with the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. He says people should take precautions when traveling through dangerous areas.

"We've had one fatality in the state," said Battaly. "We certainly do not want anymore... especially the power lines are extremely dangerous. If there's water across the road or power lines across the road please turn around. Do not put the safety of yourself or others at risk."

MEMA set up a mobile command center in Monroe County, providing workspace and augmenting communications, while cell and radio towers are repaired.