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Students reach all-time high on state tests

Students reach all-time high on state tests
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Cleveland Central Middle School
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Mississippi students are outpacing the nation in learning gains, according to recently released statewide test results. MPB's Ashley Norwood reports.

Annual student testing results released this week show K through 12 students scoring at an all-time high. Students scoring at least a 4 or 5 in English language arts and in mathematics are considered proficient or advanced in the Mississippi Academic Assessment Program.

Carey Wright is the State Superintendent of Education.

"And so now we are up to 48 districts that had more than 45 percent of all of their students scoring at levels 4 and 5 in ELA and we had 62 districts that had more than 45 percent of their students scoring at levels 4 and 5 in mathematics," said Wright.

Like Oxford School District. Bradley Roberson is the Assistant Superintendent.

"We do the best that we can to make sure all of their needs are met so that when they come to school they are ready to learn," said Roberson.

In spite of many gains, Wright says there is still some room for improvement. Results show a more than 4 percent dip in 6th grade English scores and a slight decrease in high school English.

Rachel Canter is with the education policy group Mississippi First. She says math performance is typically higher than English in places with high poverty.

"You have to have all of that but you also have to teach kids about the world. They have to know content in order to read. For kids in poverty, who are not coming from advantaged backgrounds, we've got to in schools be part of broadening their experiences," said Canter.

The Mississippi Department of Education's long term goal is for at least 70 percent of all students to score proficient in English and math. Ashley Norwood, MPB NEWS.