Supporters look for legislation to change the state flag
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Supporters want lawmakers to leave the confederate emblem behind
Maura Moed (MPB News)

A group is rallying to remove the confederate emblem from the state flag of Mississippi. As MPB's Maura Moed reports, the battle is far from over. 


The Flag for All Mississippians Coalition and supporters gathered at the Capitol yesterday, hoping lawmakers will opt for a new state flag. The coalition provided charter buses for people all across the state to attend. 

George York traveled from Gulfport. He says Mississippi’s current flag does not represent all of its residents.

"It means the opposite of what I stand for. It represents, hate, and racial discrimination. They have one United State's flag that covers all people. We can have one state flag that covers all the people, and that's what it's all about," says York. 

Sharon Brown, director of the coalition is urging the legislature to change the state flag, or put it on a referendum like it was in 2001. That year, Mississippi voters decided to keep the current flag. Brown says a new day and age calls for a new flag. 

"You have people that are no longer here, or you have people that are of age now, voting. We must be able to evolve as a state towards progression as demographics and our needs of a state change," Brown says. 

Craig Haden doesn't want a new flag. He says those in support of changing the flag may have a hidden agenda. 

"They accuse pus of hating everything. It seems like their side is full of ignorance, misstatements, and just seems like there is more to it than meets the eye," Says Haden. 

The coalition is supporting two bills that aim to do away with the current state flag. Senate Bill 2147 would establish a commission to redesign a flag that would not include the Confederate emblem. House Bill 1544 calls for a referendum to change the flag.