Thad Cochran Re-Elected To Seventh Term
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Many in Mississippi’s Republican party are breathing a sign of relief after six term incumbent senator Thad Cochran wins re-election. Cochran survived a contentious and personal primary to take the general election easily.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Mississippi's United State's Senator Thad Cochran,"
Governor Phil Bryant introduces now seventh-term Senator Thad Cochran at a victory party in Jackson.

A razor thin primary win turned into a decisive general election victory last night for the incumbent Senator.
Before a raucous but weary crowd of supporters, Cochran says he is ready for another six year term in the US Senate.
"I want you to know that I am committed to doing my best to represent Mississippi in the United States Senate and to reflect Credit on our state," Cochran said.
Cochran acknowledged his long and hard fought Republican primary against a Tea Party backed state senator which represented one of the toughest re-election fights of his 42 year career.
"As we all know it has been a long and interesting campaign. I am glad it is over and I know you are too," Cochran joked.
The G-O-P senate primary race put pressure on many Republicans in the state.
A pressure that is now released.
Cochran Supporter John Sullivan says he is ready to move beyond the intra-party fighting.
"I think it is a relief. You can almost hear a sense of relief that it is over with. That finally there is some closure. I am sure you are going to hear some rhetoric here and there but it is time to get back to the issues at hand," Sullivan said.
It is unclear what role Cochran will play in the new senate.
The high ranking Senator is expected to be chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee, but Cochran himself recently acknowledged that he does not know what position he will serve.