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The Democratic Nominee for Governor Says His Grassroots Campaign is Gaining Support
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Robert Gray, Democratic Candidate for Governor
Desare Frazier

Candidates for statewide office are at the Mississippi Coliseum for the Annual Mississippi Economic Council's Hobnob, where they mingle with business leaders. 

"Please join me in welcoming Robert Gray."

Robert Gray, is the Hinds County truck driver who shocked the political establishment when he won the Democratic primary for governor, without campaigning. He says the national media coverage of the win, has helped him gain name recognition.  He supports the Affordable Care Act, Initiative 42, an amendment to enforce fully funding education and improving the state's infrastructure.

"Can't think you're going to attract business or other people into the state, when it looks bad all over every where in our state. Take care of those issues are going to create jobs. It's going to create taxpayers," said Gray.
Gray says he's raised about $5,000. He has five volunteers, but doesn't feel like the underdog. 

"You know we're going to do what we can with what we've got and I think it's going to get great results," said Gray.

Governor Phil Bryant, has raised more than 1.6 million dollars for his re-election bid. He says he doesn't take his opponent lightly.

"This is an important office and the people that I have seen loose, thought they couldn't loose did so, because they thought they couldn't loose. So we're going to run hard until the last day," said Bryant.

Bryant told the audience he's running on his record, which he says includes improving education with the Third Grade Reading Gate, creating nearly 40,000 private sector jobs and cutting business taxes 49 times.

"And if I get elected governor, I'm going to make that an even 50 just as soon as I get there," said Bryant.

Both candidates say they'll be on the road through election day.