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V.A. Official Says Improving Customer Service Key
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Officials with U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs in Jackson say they are working to improve services.

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Veterans across the nation have been voicing their concerns over medical treatment at the VA. Many of those complaints have included long waits to see a doctor, denied claims and lost medical records.

But as part of an effort to regain trust, the G.V. Montgomery Medical Center in Jackson has been reaching out to veterans through a series of town hall meetings.

Joe Vaughn is the associate director of the Jackson VA. He says most complaints focus on  customer service.

"I'm hearing that our customer service needs to improve, and we've definitely made efforts to do that," says Vaughn. "Especially with answering the phones and things like that. So we've trained about 1500 of our employees, and we need the veteran to be our advocate, and the only way they're going to do that is if we provide excellent customer service for them."

The VA has also begun reaching out to veterans not be able to make it to the Jackson facility by holding town hall meetings throughout the state. Only two veterans made it to the last meeting.