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What Lawmakers Want to Hear From Governor-Elect Tate Reeves

What Lawmakers Want to Hear From Governor-Elect Tate Reeves
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Gov.-Elect Tate Reeves' Last Day Presiding Over Senate, January 9.
AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

Mississippi lawmakers are weighing-in on what they want to hear from in-coming governor Tate Reeves when he takes the oath of office today.

Mississippi's prison crisis is top of mind for some lawmakers as they prepare to attend Governor-Elect Tate Reeve's inauguration. This month's riots and the death of five inmates has brought attention to the lack of staffing, low-pay for prison guards as well as dilapidated infrastructure. Republican Senator Philip Moran of Kiln.

"No doubt that he's going to be tasked with having to handle the current crisis, the situation at the Mississippi Department of Corrections. I'm sure that together we'll all be able to handle this and get it under control," said Moran.

House Democrat Jeremy Anderson of Moss Point says he wants the governor to hold legislators accountable for implementing meaningful changes at the state's prisons.

"Put a challenge on the legislature to not only just say it but actually act on it. Let's get some legislation and get some funding to the department of corrections so we can make some changes," said Anderson.

Republican Senator Josh Harkins of Flowood is the new in-coming finance chair. He's looking forward to hearing Reeves' ideas on prison reform, roads and bridges and economic development.

"You know one of the biggest jobs we have up here is to make sure that Mississippi is a good place for businesses to want to locate here and offer a citizens better paying jobs," said Harkins.

Democratic Senator John Hohrn of Jackson hopes Reeves will talk about healing the state and bringing people together after a contentious campaign season.

"I think that he has struck a more conciliatory tone in recent weeks. He held a prayer vigil at Galloway United Methodist Church and from what people told me they were very encouraged by his words," said Horhn.

MPB's live coverage of the inauguration begins at 10 a.m. from the state capitol.