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Wicker goes for a third term at Neshoba fair, opponent Baria

Wicker goes for a third term at Neshoba fair, opponent Baria says it's time for something new
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Mississippians at the Neshoba County Fair
MPB News

Mississippi Republican Senator Roger Wicker makes the case for third term during the Neshoba County Fair. But as MPB's Ashley Norwood reports, his Democratic opponent says it's time for new leadership.

Democratic state Senator David Baria and Senator Roger Wicker are going toe-to-toe on what makes them better for the Senate seat.

Wicker wasn't originally scheduled to speak Thursday, but he says voters should know what he's done in Washington.

"Unemployment is at an all-time low. Black unemployment is an all-time low. Hispanic American unemployment is an all-time low. And we've got a choice in November of whether to build on these accomplishments or whether to take another direction," said Wicker.

Longtime state Sen. Baria says what Wicker has done isn't enough if Mississippi is still last.

"Look around Neshoba County and Winston County and Kemper County and Scott County. Man you don't have to look too long to see which way Mississippi's economy is going. We're sitting idle while the rest of the country's got it's foot on the gas. You tell Roger that and see what he's got to say," said Baria.]

The election for Mississippi's U.S. Senate is November 6. Ashley Norwood, MPB News