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Meet the candidates: 2023 Mississippi election guide 

The Mississippi election takes place on November 7

Governor Race

Democratic Governor Candidate

Photo credit: (Mississippi Public Service Commission)

Brandon Presley

  • Presley has served as a Public Service Commissioner since 2007. In that capacity, he advocated for high-speed internet access across the state.
  • He hopes to spearhead a “war on corruption” to tackle financial ethics, continue investigating the Department of Human Services’ TANF scandal, and increase transparency in the governor’s office.
  • Presley says he will expand Medicaid to increase access to affordable healthcare and support struggling hospitals.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Republican Governor Candidate

Photo credit:

Tate Reeves

  • As the incumbent, Reeves says he will build on the conservative policies he implemented during his first term.
  • His key issues include economic and workforce growth, telehealth, as well as public safety — something he touts with his recently enacted House Bill 1020, parts of which were challenged in state courts and are still being challenged by federal courts.
  • A proponent for economic development, Reeves counts tax cuts and job development as some of his major wins from his most recent term.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

*A note about the governor’s race: 

A third candidate, Gwendolyn Gray, dropped out of the race on Oct. 9. Her name will still appear on ballots. Gray released a statement in support of Democratic candidate Brandon Presley.

Lieutenant Governor Race

Democratic Lieutenant Governor Candidate

Photo credit:

D. Ryan Glover

  • Grover is a Hattiesburg native and political newcomer — he was in school at the University of Mississippi until 2018.
  • He hopes to tackle issues leading to “brain drain,” a term for when educated young Mississippians leave the state instead of investing in it.
  • He’s also advocating for extending the election voting period and energy-efficient infrastructure.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Republican Lieutenant Governor Candidate

Credit: (Office of the Lieutenant Governor)

Delbert Hosemann

  • Hosemann is the incumbent Lieutenant Governor and previously served as Secretary of State.
  • His main issues include supporting small business and infrastructure maintenance and construction.
  • During his most recent term, Hosemann helped pass an income tax cut and teacher pay raises.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Secretary of State Race

Ty Pinkins

Ty Pinkins for Mississippi / Facebook
  • Ty Pinkins replaced Shuwaski Young as the candidate for Secretary of State after Young dropped out of the race for health reasons.
  • Pinkins is an attorney and army veteran who was born and raised in Rolling Fork.
  • Pinkins pledges to expand voter access with online registration, early voting, and reformed absentee voting.
  • He also says he will reinstate the ballot initiative process.
  • For more information, visit the candidate’s website.

Michael Watson

Photo credit: (Office of the Secretary of State)
  • Watson, the incumbent, has served in state government since the early 2000s. 
  • One of his main issues is election integrity. Something he’s already had an impact on by helping pass Mississippi’s Voter ID law. 
  • He hopes to streamline the driver’s licensing process through the “SIP” plan, which stands for “Service – Information – Professionalism.”
  • Recently, Watson said he believes the ballot initiative process, which was ruled invalid by the state Supreme Court in 2021, should be revived.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Attorney General Race

Greta Kemp Martin

Photo credit: AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis
  • Martin is the current litigation director for Disability Rights Mississippi.
  • She wants to prosecute corruption in the state government on the heels of the Department of Human Services’ welfare scandal.
  • She also says she will be an advocate for increasing senior citizens’ access to healthcare and equal pay for women.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Lynn Fitch

Photo credit: AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

State Treasurer Race

Addie L. Green

Photo credit:
  • Green has served on several local government entities, including as an alderwoman for the city of Bolton.
  • She leads the Mississippi Outreach Foundation, which serves “youth, senior citizens, religious and community organizations."
  • In 2019, Green ran for Treasurer against McRae.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website..

David McRae

Photo credit: (State Treasury of Mississippi)
  • McRae is currently serving as State Treasurer.
  • During his tenure, he’s helped Mississippians claim millions of dollars in unclaimed funds.
  • He also oversees the state’s college savings programs.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

State Auditor Race

Larry Bradford

Photo credit: AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis
  • Bradford, a former business leader, is the mayor of Anguilla, Mississippi.
  • He says he wants to increase transparency and effectiveness in state government.
  • He says he plans to provide resources for public entities to “prevent fraud, waste and abuse.” 
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Shad White

Photo credit:
  • White is currently serving as the State Auditor.
  • During his last tenure, he was involved in investigating misspent state DHS funds.
  • White has been outspoken about his skepticism of diversity and inclusion initiatives and authored a report showing how much state schools are spending on DEI programs.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Commissioner of Agriculture & Commerce Candidates

Robert Bradford Sr.

Photo credit:
  • Bradford grew up on a farm in the Mississippi Delta and currently serves as the Director of Natchez-Adams County Homeland Security Program and Emergency Management Agency.
  • He’s worked as a small farm consultant to help farmers adopt modern best practices.
  • He hopes to help Mississippi’s agriculture sector become self-sustaining and hopes to provide agricultural education in struggling communities.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Andy Gipson

Photo credit: (Mississippi Department of Agriculture)
  • Gipson is the current Agriculture Commissioner for the state as well as an ordained Baptist minister.
  • During time in the state legislature, he served on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Ethics Committee.
  • He says he wants to use his legal expertise to fight for “Mississippi’s farmers, ranchers and landowners.”
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Commissioner of Insurance Candidates

Mike Chaney

Photo credit:
  • Chaney is the current state Insurance Commissioner.
  • He says he’s an advocate for consumers and has helped reclaim millions in funds for them.
  • He’s also state Fire Marshal and says he’s supported funding for local public safety programs.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Bruce Burton

Photo credit
  • Burton is an attorney at Burton Law Firm in Jackson.
  • He previously ran for election as a judge on the Court of Appeals.
  • He also ran, unsuccessfully, for Public Service Commissioner.
  • For more information, head to the candidate’s website.

Public Service Commissioner Central District

Brent Bailey

Photo credit: Mississippi Public Service Commissioner
  • Bailey is the incumbent Public Service Commissioner for the Central District.
  • Bailey says he’s previously focused on lowering utility bills, expanding broadband, and stopping robocalls.
  • He wants to use another term to pursue clean energy and energy efficiency programs.
  • For more information, check out the candidate’s website.

De’Keither A. Stamps

Photo credit: Mississippi House of Representatives
  • Stamps, who lives in Jackson, is currently a member of the Mississippi House of Representatives for District 66. This is his second time running against Bailey for Public Service Commissioner.
  • During his time in the house, he served on several committees, including the Public Utilities Committee.
  • Stamps told WJTV that he wants to focus on “everywhere we can save money — and make money,” by pursuing renewable energy, implementing energy efficiency programs, and adding more energy sector jobs.

Transportation Commissioner Central District

Ricky Pennington Jr.

Photo credit: Ricky Pennington Jr./Facebook
  • Pennington, who says he’s “not a politician,” has two decades of road construction experience.
  • His main priorities include bridge maintenance and grass-cutting maintenance along roadways.
  • On his Facebook page, he wrote that he “plans to bring a private sector mindset to a government agency.”

Willie Simmons

Photo Credit: Mississippi Department of Transportation
  • Simmons, a former state senator, is currently serving as the Transportation Commissioner for the Central District.
  • As a senator, he was Chairman of the Senate Highways and Transportation Committee. 
  • If elected for a second term, he says he’ll continue advocating for infrastructure spending in the Central District and shepherd several highway construction and rehabilitation projects.

Transportation Commissioner Southern District

Charles Busby

  • Busby is currently serving in the Mississippi House of Representatives for District 111, which includes Jackson County.
  • He also serves as the chairman of the House Transportation Committee and has previously worked as a contractor and engineer.
  • He told SuperTalk last year that his first priority if elected is to “level out” spending at MDOT to ensure trust from contractors.

Steven Brian Griffin

  • Griffin is the only Independent running for a major office.