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Where Can I Watch?

MPB is offering the State of the State address in many ways this year:

  • A live stream of the address will be available here, on our website. It will be archived here for on-demand viewing.
  • Click here to Listen Live on MPB Think Radio.
  • You can watch it live on MPB Television, available with most local cable providers and available statewide on the following over-the-air channels:
    • Ackerman, WMAB, Channel 2-1
    • Biloxi, WMAH, Channel 19-1
    • Booneville, WMAE, Channel 12-1
    • Bude, WMAU, Channel 17-1
    • Columbia, W45AA, Channel 45-1
    • Iverness, WMAO, Channel 23-1
    • Oxford, WMAV, Channel 18-1
    • Raymond, WMPN, Channel 29-1
    • Rose Hill, WMAW, Channel 14-1
  • You can listen on MPB Think Radio, available across the state:
    • Biloxi, WMAH, 90.3
    • Booneville, WMAE, 89.5
    • Bude, WMAU 88.9
    • Greenwood, WMAO, 90.9
    • Jackson, WMPN, 91.3
    • Meridian, WMAW, 88.1
    • MS State, WMAB, 89.9
    • Oxford, WMAV, 90.3
  • You can listen to the address on the MPB Public Media App, available on Google Play and the App Store.