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Where Can I Watch?

MPB is offering the State of the State address in many ways this year:

  1. A live stream of the address will be available here, on the front page of the MPB website, on the MPB YouTube page and on the MPBFacebook page. It will be archived here for on-demand viewing.
  2. Tap here to Listen Live on MPB Think Radio.
  3. You can watch it live on MPB Television, available with most local cable providers and available statewide on the following over-the-air channels:
    • Ackerman, WMAB, Channel 2-1
    • Biloxi, WMAH, Channel 19-1
    • Booneville, WMAE, Channel 12-1
    • Bude, WMAU, Channel 17-1
    • Columbia, W45AA, Channel 45-1
    • Iverness, WMAO, Channel 23-1
    • Oxford, WMAV, Channel 18-1
    • Raymond, WMPN, Channel 29-1
    • Rose Hill, WMAW, Channel 14-1 
  4. You can listen on MPB Think Radio, available across the state:
    • Biloxi, WMAH, 90.3
    • Booneville, WMAE, 89.5
    • Bude, WMAU 88.9
    • Greenwood, WMAO, 90.9
    • Jackson, WMPN, 91.3
    • Meridian, WMAW, 88.1
    • MS State, WMAB, 89.9
    • Oxford, WMAV, 90.3
  5. You can listen to the address on the MPB Public Media App, available on Google Play and the iTunes.