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Jim Hood (D)
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"I was reared in north Mississippi in the small town of Houlka. My dad was a prosecutor and I’ve spent my career as a prosecutor focused on doing what’s right for Mississippi families. My mom and dad instilled in me my faith, the value of hard work, and respect for the law.

I’ve been married to my wife Debbie for 24 years. She’s been a Sunday school teacher and our Christian values have guided how we live and how we reared our three children.  I attribute my successes to Debbie.
During my time as Attorney General and earlier as district attorney, I have consistently advocated for crime victims and worked to safeguard our most vulnerable citizens. I created a cybercrime unit and domestic violence unit within the attorney general's office. I have held corporations accountable when they have harmed our citizens and recovered over $3 billion for Mississippi's taxpayers."

Why are you running for Governor?

"I'm running because the working people of Mississippi have been kicked to the curb. My campaign is about putting hard working families first. For too long the interests of working people have taken a back seat to special interests, partisan politicians, and big campaign contributors   We’re going to cut taxes, cut waste, and get things done to make life better for working folks and build a stronger and better Mississippi. That’s what I’ve done as AG and that’s what I’ll do as Governor.

Working folks haven't been at the table when decisions were made. Our education system has declined. Our kids are leaving at an alarming rate, more so than any state in the nation. Over 500 bridges are closed. Our rural hospitals are closing. We need to clean up our legislature, and make sure that we know who's lobbying them and who's getting what bills passed. Working people have been over taxed, and it's time that we cut taxes on working people, particularly the grocery tax."