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Robert J. Ray (D)
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"The former president of the Mississippi Writer's Guild and author of several books and plays Robert Ray was born in Meridian, Mississippi in 1946. He graduated from T.J. Harris High School, a segregated school  in 1963.  He has been an Alcohol & Drug Counselor; Therapist and Leader of Trainers for 43 years; also a family Herbalist who help sick and diseased neighbors to recovery,  He is also the author of two books:

The Black and White Race Rationale, why these two races behave the way they do and the solution to the race problem in America” and “The Nigger’s Holy Bible”, a pivotal work looking deeper into the segregated churches of America. There are many problems in Mississippi and I will fix them with my Professional Development Process.”  

Why are you running for Governor?

"Inspired by my personal relationship to the Mississippi Burning civil rights workers and being asked to run by friends and family I have decided to run for Governor to expose the corruption in the Prison System and in the State Capital.  It is time to move on."